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Japan Casinos Expected to Embrace Slots, But Pachinko a No-Go

Japan Casinos Expected to Embrace Slots, But Pachinko a No-Go

At minimum, two Japan gambling enterprises are anticipated to be authorized by the nationwide Diet when the governing body comes to terms on its built-in resorts bill sometime this autumn.

And whenever casino companies make their pitches to the government to get one of the highly wanted licenses, slots are expected to have strong presence on the gaming flooring, a stark contrast to other gambling venues in Asia.

Pachinko may be tough to find inside the Japan casino resorts increasingly being deliberated by the united states’s government, but slots just like those in the usa are expected to find living area.

According to a report published by Global Market Advisors (GMA), a casino and hospitality firm that is consulting in Las Vegas, slot devices will require center stage on Japan’s gaming floors. While other Asian nations with gambling focus on table games to cater towards the baccarat that is highly popular, in Japan, like in the US, slots will take in a larger part.

‘ The single greatest misconception a casino operator can make is to assume that Japanese gamers will play the same games as those players that frequent Macau,’ the report, titled ‘White Paper: Japan Integrated Resorts,’ explained. ‘The Chinese have a table game centric video gaming tradition and also have long embraced baccarat and bro that is sic. The Japanese … have long-established history as being a machine-centric gaming culture.’