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Reasons You’re Feeling Sad After Intercourse

Reasons You’re Feeling Sad After Intercourse

Whether we should acknowledge it or otherwise not, most of us have actually believed it­—that unexplainable sadness after intercourse. In the event that you’ve skilled a sense of despair after sex, be confident that it is much more common than you’d expect (regardless if the intercourse rocks !). Really, relating to a scholarly research posted because of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, up to 46 % of females reported experiencing emotions of anxiety, agitation, melancholy or sadness after intercourse sooner or later within their lifetimes. What’s taking place? We recruited assistance from Laurel home, writer, dating and relationship specialist red tube to obtain the scoop on just what these emotions are exactly about.

A reason that is huge women experience negative feelings after sex is the fact that, to be honest, they truly are sex if they don’t actually want to or aren’t emotionally or actually prepared. Insecurity, internalized fears or guilt, and/or psychological distance can additionally attribute to these emotions.

“If you are feeling low soon after sex, it is most likely since you are finally permitting your self to seriously ‘feel,’ and also you understand that you don’t feel linked sufficient to own intercourse with this particular person,” Laurel says. “Even if you’re in a relationship and also this isn’t only a hookup, making love plus the launch of hormones upon orgasm can force you to definitely feel feelings which you have already been avoiding tapping into.”

Lauren encourages university ladies to prevent curbing such emotions. “This does not suggest that you need to indulge your grief and get profoundly involved with it at that moment—but do make certain you contemplate it at some time and become truthful with your se