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Brand New Insurance Fraud: Owners Dump Cars Creatively

Brand New Insurance Fraud: Owners Dump Cars Creatively

It once was green arrow loans that People in the us adored their automobiles. But tough financial times have actually placed a pressure on the relationship cash-strapped motorists are in possession of making use of their vehicles.

Just just just just Take, for instance, the sc guy whom previously this year filed an insurance coverage claim, saying their 2002 Ford F-150 was taken. Police quickly discovered it only miles from his home, engulfed in flames. Detectives could not find any indications of forced entry, but just what they did discover ended up being that the dog owner had been behind on their re re payments, had refinanced the vehicle twice and had lied about any of it whenever expected. A California woman, who was no longer willing to fuel up her 2002 GMC Yukon said it disappeared from the parking lot in a similar incident. Really, she had arranged to possess it chopped up in Mexico and offered down in components.