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Can Rick Simpson oil help treat cancer tumors?

Can Rick Simpson oil help treat cancer tumors?

Rick Simpson oil is really a cannabis extract which got its title through the medical cannabis activist whom created it. Simpson claims that applying the oil to cancer tumors spots on their epidermis cleared the spots within days.

Rick Simpson oil (RSO) is exclusive for the reason that it includes higher quantities of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) than many other cannabis extracts that are medical.

The medical community needs more direct evidence of its safety and effectiveness in humans before making any firm claims although there is some evidence to support the use of cannabis for aiding cancer treatment.

Scientists continue to analyze prospective uses for cannabis services and products in treating cancer.

Share on Pinterest scientists have now been learning CBD oil in cancer, but RSO has higher quantities of THC.

RSO is really a potency that is high extract with a high amounts of THC, and also other cannabinoids.