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Below is a simple introduction to the Japanese immigration system

Below is a simple introduction to the Japanese immigration system

Please speak to your closest Japanese consulate or embassy outside Japan or an immigration bureau inside Japan for official advice.

All foreigners, including international residents, get fingerprinted and photographed upon entering Japan as a measure targeted at preventing terrorism as well as other activities that are illegal. Excluded using this procedure are people underneath the chronilogical age of 16 and some unique teams, such as for example diplomats and visiting dignitaries.

A status is received by all foreigners of residence whenever entering Japan. There are many than twenty statuses of residence, including «temporary visitor» for tourists, and a variety of statuses for pupils, employees and family members of Japanese nationals and residents.

Tourists and Business Travelers (Short-term Visitors)

If you’re a resident of 1 for the over 50 nations with which Japan includes a «general visa exemption arrangement», you may need just a legitimate passport to enter Japan as being a «temporary visitor». Otherwise, you will need to get yourself a visa before going into the nation. Temporary site site visitors from many nations are permitted to stay for approximately 3 months.

If you’re a resident of Austria, Germany, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Switzerland or the uk, you’ve got the possibility to give your stay to an overall total as high as half a year. You still initially enter Japan on a 90 time license, but could then make an application for an extension at an immigration bureau in Japan.

Short-term visitors aren’t permitted to participate in any compensated tasks. But, temporary studies at Japanese language schools are allowed.

All foreign tourists in Japan have to carry their passports together with them all of the time.

Longer Remains for the Wealthy

You and your spouse are eligible to stay in Japan for up to one year for the purpose of sightseeing or recreation if you are a citizen of one of the over 50 countries with which Japan has a «general visa exemption arrangement» and have savings of over 30 million yen.