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Previous prisoners share their experiences of intercourse in jail

Previous prisoners share their experiences of intercourse in jail

The Commission on Intercourse in Prison’s last report, posted today (Tuesday 17 March), features reports from previous prisoners talking the very first time about their experiences of sex behind pubs.

Intercourse in jail: Experiences of previous prisoners may be the 5th and final briefing paper posted by the Commission, that was founded by the Howard League for Penal Reform and includes eminent academics, previous prison governors and wellness specialists.

Suggestions through the Commission’s two-year inquiry are going to be presented today (Tuesday 17 March) at a meeting in London.

The Commission desired authorization to interview current prisoners about their experiences of sex in jail, but this method had been obstructed by the Ministry of Justice.

Nevertheless, Dr Alisa Stevens, Lecturer in Criminology in the University of Southampton, managed to interview 26 previous prisoners during summer time of 2014 – 24 guys and two ladies.

Her report concludes that the nationwide study of both the serving jail populace and previous prisoners, completely sustained by but in addition to the nationwide Offender Management provider (NOMS), is “urgently needed” to know better the scale of consensual and coercive intercourse in jail.

The previous prisoners interviewed by Dr Stevens was indeed jailed for the wide variety of offences. Eighteen interviewees self-identified as heterosexual, four as homosexual, and four as bisexual.

Gay and bisexual guys stated that while they were “fairly” or “totally” available about their sex from the wing, these were discreet about their sexual tasks and relationships.