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Evangelicals Battle To Address Premarital abortion and sex

Evangelicals Battle To Address Premarital abortion and sex

Their line that is theological against intercourse is dropping from the deaf ears of young believers, several of who conceive and also abortions, as a result of their lack of knowledge about contraception. Now, evangelicals are debating whether churches can embrace contraception being a backup plan.

David Sessions

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It’s no key that evangelicals have big issue on their arms with regards to young adults and intercourse. The important points are staggering: despite nearly universal affirmation that premarital intercourse is just a sin, 80 per cent of unmarried evangelicals (PDF) are receiving it, and 30 % of these whom unintentionally have pregnant get an abortion, in accordance with one study. U.S. states where abstinence is emphasized over contraception in college intercourse ed—almost all into the greatly evangelical South—have teenager birth prices as high as double (PDF) those of states having a curriculum that is comprehensive.